Prepared for Take Off, I Hope! – T-1

Just a few hours until take off and I do hope that I got everything with me … or perhaps so much that I can carry. Having a few incidents lately regarding delayed luggage – me and my wife have developed a “cunning plan”. As handluggage we are going to bring some crappy old backpacks with the essential stuff (the green one), so we are at least able to start walking….

I do hope that this plan will fail and that Air France will be able to not lose our luggage!!!!

The “thing” in the middle are my trekking poles – nicely wrapped up in a new designed case called “Shabby Chic Cheap By Soderberg”…

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  1. Vito says:

    HAVE a good journey THROUGH spain ways and your own inner roads…this “CAMINO” is a good opportunity for such meditations 😉

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