Day 4 – Pamplona – A baby is born!

For about 4 days I have been carrying it. Over and down hills. Reaching Pamplona – I decided that now is the time!

How much extra stuff haven’t I been carried? So I put all extra ‘good to have stuff’ in a box – 4.920 Kg!!! The staff at the post office was very service minded, and now is my baby on its way back to Sweden. And I’m so happy 5 kg lighter!!!

What will I do with the extra kilos lost?? Eat, eat, eat, eat and eat – whole Spain is full of super tasteful food! And what you don’t find at the restaurants – El Corte Ingles has it! So, so, so much nice ham and cheese! I will for sure gain more than 5 kilo just staying two days here!

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