Day 5 – Pamplona – A day of recovery

Walking is not just fun, it’s not like driving a car where you sit down all the time! One of the challenges is the pain afterwards, during the night i felt like long spikes where put up in my legs and the knees, they are just a package of pain! So i’m not just a pilgrim having tons of fun and no suffering! But I truly must admit, in general it has been quite a nice trip! It’s so different from ordinary life, everyday has it’s purpose and by getting forward each day you achieve something concrete for yourself!

So amongst the nice things today, besides a lot of fresh food, we have seen a lot of stone constructions! You may say that stone is quite a outdated material – but when I look around there are plenty of things in stone. I found the stone below at the museum of Navarra. Nice museum with a very friendly staff.

I’m afraid that I look a bit to relaxed in my super lightweight outfit – but tomorrow walking with the clothes on my back I will for sure appreciate it!

Pamplona is really getting ready for the bull-run. I can see from photos in the shops that this is a very famous bull-run-stop-place, so add just a million persons to the picture and it will be the reality for next coming weeks!

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