Day 8 – Los Arcos – Camino by bottle!

Looking at Insta and Twitter it looks like we are doing the Camino mostly by (wine) bottles. And that’s no totally wrong – but there are other things too that we experience.

There is no secret that I have two wives. One before morning coffee (the “bitch-wife”) and a complete other one after coffee. So coffee is important. But getting up early to walk, the coffee places normally opens 5 or 6 hours later. So the situation can be quite desperate!

This morning we walked through a very sleepy town – without any open places. However, from a very kind girl we where offered coffee from what we assume Christian oberge. The girl was a volunteer from Norway and we had a very nice talk in “Nordics”. I asked her what she wanted to work with in the future and her answer (a bit poorly translated by me), was; “Something that will make me happy”. Well that’s something to think about! And so we did, me and my “after coffee wife”.

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