Day 16 – Águeda – City of Colours

I’m starting to lose track of weekdays, but it should be Tuesday the 9th today. Today’s walk was flat and fine – but hot! It’s amazing how fast it’s getting hot after 10.30 , so you have to move fast during the morning!

The City of Águeda was such a nice surprise;

There are colours everywhere and it’s a bit hard to describe it through a photo – there are so many dimensions removed when documented in a photo!

Águeda seems to be quite a authentic city without so much mass-tourist influences. So we ended the evening having a glass of Port wine at a very local bar. And the photo looks awful, cars & people all around us. But that’s how it is and it’s a not problem; you are there in middle of the daily life – and then it’s ok! Perhaps we are always in middle of our lives, however quite unaware of it. If that’s the case then a small glass of a white Port, a chair and a few hours just looking around could help us realising that life is something we experience not haunt down!

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