Day 17 – Albergaria-a-Velha – Days of Walking

It’s Wednesday the 10 of July and we are some where in Portugal, soon to reach Porto (at least this is what the app tells us). But we are not there yet!

Walking the Camino is much about walking and walking in so many aspects. Isn’t it boring to walk so much and thinking about walking? It’s not much of “high tech” walking, so how interesting can it be? Well, that’s the point – it’s not; it’s like a brain reset or meditation (I guess). But why not then just walk in circles at home? I don’t know, but it’s perhaps about all these subconscious perceptions you get walking and seeing everything in detail.

So for example Pine nuts, when I hear that word I think about these small plastic bags you buy them in, that they are stored in our refrigerator at home and my wife yelling at me not to eat them right off because she needs them for some dish. But now I also will think about the trees where they are supposed to come from. They are enormously beautiful – we don’t have them at home!

Oranges, I have seen the trees in Florida. But here they are growing in many different places, almost as weeds and I still have a picture in my head of oranges just laying in the streets!

Then, not to mention all the pictures I have now in my head regarding houses! I must admit, I got some new hang up regarding them. Especially these old, big and a bit wear down ones. They are so fascinating!! Well I will surely be back about them, my phone is full of them – and they are all so beautiful! Just looking at them and past times is brought back again! Times when cars where rare, if existing at all, and people walking, saying hello to each other’s instead of driving alone and in silence in cages of steel!

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