Day 19 – Santa Maria da Feira – Preparing for Porto

It’s Friday the 13th and we are heading for Porto. There is much of suburban walking, houses, shopping centres and roads. And you see plenty of fine statues and other fun things.

As suede I love sitting outside to eat or have a drink, that’s not something that is especially common here. Most people are sitting inside and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit dark outside inside either! So, sitting outside you could be placed wherever strange places…

Lessons learned today. Not knowing the verbal language we have to observe the body language of people much more. Today we had the time, after the walk, to study a waitress in a small cheap coffee shop where we had a light dinner. Plenty of people coming and going. But from her body language we guess that she really hated here work! Of course there is no point in talking, smiling etc to us, but it was the same with all customers! Again, we don’t mind, but we really felt sorry for her, cannot be nice to work with people if you just think that life is awful! Or could it be so that we have changed? And do we behave like that at home in our daily life, not being able to enjoy life walking the camino?

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