Day 31 – Redondela – The right way

Wednesday the 24 of July, we have been on the run or more correct on the slow walk for almost a month, and still not in Santiago … but we are getting closer!

We have mostly been walking uphill in a beautiful landscape! Galicia gives us such alp-feelings! And the morning mist is so refreshing however quite short.

What has been a bit confusing with today’s walk is the directions. Quite often it’s straightforward, but today it has been the opposite, arrows pointing in completely different directions. And we, who always follow directions, get confused. As in life in general, when the given path changes or become quite unclear; what to do then? Our solution walking the Camino is to start looking for the bigger picture, how does the change relate to that picture? Walking the Camino the next end destination is the bigger picture, in life it could be a bit more complex – however I’m sure there is always a bigger picture to be found!

Redondela as city has quite an interesting solution for trains! They have put the railroad above the ground! Suddenly you hear a terrible noise but you don’t see anything unless you look up in the sky! What a out-of-the-box solution!

Anything else to say? Well there are a lot of fine statues here …

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